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The Story of Good Enough Felting

At Good Enough Felting, I wholeheartedly embrace the beauty of imperfection with a playful twist - my business name is also a philosophy and a reminder to myself that the main reason I create art this way is simply because I like it. My creations celebrate the artistic journey, bringing each needle-felted sculpture to life with its own unique charm and character. 

Crafted for Connection

With a passion for all things whimsical, I strive to create pieces that people connect to. Many of my sculptures begin as memories, as I draw inspiration from things I loved as a child, or things I associate with someone I love. Sometimes it's a figurative sculpture dedicated to my Greek Mythology phase, other times it might be a squirrel wizard for my DnD-obsessed tween. I never cease to be honored and delighted by the experience of someone truly connecting to my art, or of seeing them thoughtfully selecting a piece for someone else. 

My Approach

I create sculptures through the process of needle felting; I use fine, barbed needles to shape sheep's wool, giving it structure while retaining the incredible softness that makes this medium so unique. Needle felting is a relatively new art form, and I am constantly learning new methods and honing skills to create soft, heirloom-quality sculptures you'll enjoy for years to come.

With love,


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