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  • What is needle felting?
    Needle felting is the process of sculpting fiber - usually wool - using barbed needles. The needles tangle and secure the fibers together, resulting in a sculpture that is firm but soft.
  • How do I care for my felt pieces?
    To keep your felted art in great condition for years to come, handle gently and do not display in direct sunlight. These pieces are not intended as toys, and some contain details such as glass eyes that are not safe for pets or small children. Some pets are drawn to the scent of wool, so please keep your felted pieces out of their reach. Do not store felted art in dark, dusty spaces where wool-eating moths or beetles like to hide. If you have additional questions or concerns about caring for your felted art, please reach out!
  • Can I commission a felt piece?
    I am not currently able to accept commissions.
  • What markets are you going to be at?
    See my events page to learn which market I will be at next!
  • Can I find your art in any shops or galleries?
    You can currently find my art at Variable Creatives (222 SE Alder St, Portland, OR)
  • Are the fibers natural material?
    Yes, the majority of my art is made from 100% sheep's wool. Some pieces may contain other materials for decoration or to create a stronger frame, and the specific materials used in each piece are noted in the individual listings.
  • I have more questions!
    Not seeing the answer to your question? Follow the button below to my contact page. I'd love to hear from you!
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