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Handmade Wool Art

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three purple needle felted mushrooms on a needle felted mossy green base
a needle felted gnome with a red beard, light tan nose, and a tall hat made up of red and pink tones
a needle felted sculpture of a banana slug and two orange-capped mushrooms sitting on a mossy green base




The artist sits in a living room, needle felting by lamplight while an orange cat snuggles and watches

About Good Enough Felting

Sculpture, but soft.

Hey there, I'm Catherine, the artist behind Good Enough Felting. Embracing the beauty of 'good enough,' I create playful and imaginative needle-felted sculptures from wool. Join me in celebrating whimsy, joyful creative expression, and the charm of imperfection.

Good Enough Gallery

block-printed logo of a sheep with folk art flowers on its body

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